Protecting your Joints during Yoga Asanas

If you’re a yoga lover like us, you know asanas provide a myriad of benefits. Some help to reduce anxiety, others aid in digestion and yet others can provide back pain relief. Yoga asanas benefit both mind and body, helping to lubricate joints, muscles and ligaments, increase blood circulation and flexibility, and build strength. Sounds like some amazing benefits to incorporate into any healthy exercise routine!

However, if you experience joint pain during yoga asanas, you may need to look no further than your mat. Finding the right yoga mat should be more than a visual exercise. You should look for high-quality materials that provide the right amount of cushion and support to reduce pain and inflammation in your joints.

Why AshtaLuxe?

At AshtaLuxe, we’ve done just that and much more. We created the ideal canvas for the art of yoga. Our yoga mat textures provide a tactile feel that mirrors the Earth, our core grounding element. We also created a luxurious deluxe size that welcomes you to the mat and cradles you in comfort.

And we do all that with our commitment to promoting sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint, eliminating unnecessary waste and pollution, and providing a truly eco-friendly yoga mat that’s made right here in the U.S.

Superior Comfort to Reduce Joint Stress

Yoga is generally considered excellent for improving muscle strength and joint flexibility while also boosting mood and controlling stress. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation advocates regular yoga practice for individuals with various types of arthritis to help reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function, and lower stress and tension to promote better sleep.

So if you’re taking your instructor’s advice and modifying movements as necessary to stay within your practice abilities, your yoga mat may be to blame for joint discomfort.

If you have knee, wrist, ankle, hip or shoulder joint pain, exercises without the proper equipment and modification can aggravate your condition and keep you from realizing the beautiful benefits of yoga.

Standard yoga mats are quite thin, often 3 mm. At AshtaLuxe, our mats are double the standard thickness at 6 mm, nearly ¼ inch, which provides exceptional comfort and support from the hard surface underneath. Our extra thick yoga mat provides the best thickness for people with joint pain so you can enjoy your practice without worry of aggravating your joints.

Our LuxeGrip yoga mat features a patterned surface which provides unsurpassed comfort and perfectly tactile texture for beginning and advanced practitioners alike.

Love Your Self, Love The Planet

Our thick premium yoga mat is a top quality yoga mat you can feel good about, not only for the  unparalleled cushion and comfort but also because you’ve chosen to make an environmentally-conscious decision with your purchase.

That’s because at AshtaLuxe, comfort alone isn’t enough. Materials matter, and we chose those with the lowest total carbon footprint possible. AshtaLuxe mats are constructed from non-PVC, latex-free, non-toxic closed-cell foam. The foam resists moisture absorption and bacteria growth as well. And the creation of AshtaLuxe superior quality yoga mats leaves behind a minimum carbon footprint and lessens the environmental impact to our planet. Comfort and style you can feel good about!

Yoga asanas tone the muscles, help you develop flexibility and improve posture and spinal alignment. They also reduce anxiety, help with mental clarity and improve your stress response. With all of those benefits, ensuring you protect your joints during your practice is as simple as moving within your ability level and using a high quality, luxuriously cushioned, top quality yoga mat like AshtaLuxe. 

With the right yoga mat, you can practice yoga daily and get all of the wonderful benefits even if you have joint issues. Remember to go slow, listen to your body and make modifications to strenuous poses outside of your practice level. The journey you’re on is a beautiful one, and we’re so thankful to be a part of it.