Our Story


AshtaLuxe™ was born by asking a simple question: Does the world need another yoga mat? And is it possible to create a yoga mat in the U.S. using materials mostly sourced in the U.S. thus reducing carbon footprints without sacrificing all of the grip and comfort qualities people expect in a high performance mat? And could we make an even better mat while committing to this lowest total carbon footprint idea?

We talked to many experienced yoga practitioners as well as beginners. Then began experimenting with our own proprietary materials and processes. Next came the prototypes. Lots of prototypes. And feedback. Followed by more experimenting and more feedback. Finally AshtaLuxe™ was born.

Made with love and care in small batches in the beautiful foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, we're confident our mats deliver the most functional and comfortable grip in any yoga mat. We've also made them luxury-sized for that much-appreciated additional room. Always easy to keep clean and looking new. All backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

But what we are most excited to share is the news that our small batch process does allow us to create these exceptional mats while utilizing the lowest total carbon footprint delivered directly to your door. Producing our mats right in the U.S., completely avoiding mass production on a separate continent. Our commitment to our planet. And our commitment to you.

So go ahead and give AshtaLuxe™ a try. We think you'll like it. Actually we think you'll love it.