What materials are in AshtaLuxe yoga mats?

High density, cushioned/supportive closed-cell synthetic rubber is the primary component produced in the USA. Our mats contain no latex?, PVC, heavy metals, phthalates?, or flame retardants.

Note: This is a key to minimizing our carbon footprint production compared to utilizing natural rubber from trees.

Why are AshtaLuxe™ mats closed-cell?

Our proprietary closed-cell formula delivers a very durable, strong substrate that is easily cleaned as it resists absorbing moisture/fluids that could cause potential health issues. Therefore, cleaning for common sense hygiene issues where mats are being shared is easy with AshtaLuxe mats.

Where are AshtaLuxe™ made?

Our mats are made in the USA. Approx 95% of the raw materials used to make our mats are produced in the USA.

What makes AshtaLuxe™ mats TRULY eco-friendly?

Many yogis have been led to believe that mats simply made with natural rubber from a tree makes them "eco-friendly". While we embrace the use of sustainable materials whenever possible, it is our position that all products should be under increasing scrutiny with respect to their TOTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT. We believe that the carbon footprint created by the transportation of the raw materials used to produce a finished product needs to be measured to be considered truly eco-friendly.

Will AshtaLuxe™ mats have an odor?

Similar to other high-end yoga mats, our mats may have a "rubber" odor that will dissipate over time. Allowing the mat to lay flat or rolled loosely standing on edge will allow air movement that should speed the odor dissipation. Also, your AshtaLuxe™ mat can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth dipped in a solution of water and diluted environmentally-friendly, multipurpose soap.

Where do I find a return shipping label?

Please see our Shipping and Returns policy to determine if your purchase is eligible for return. If you believe it is, please email us : customerservice@ashtaluxe.com for instructions on how to return your item.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer free shipping on all of our products within the continental USA. For products shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally, please contact customerservice@ashtaluxe.com for a shipping quote.

Note: Shipments outside the continental USA may be subject to additional taxes and fees.