Donna, Colorado

I’ve been practicing yoga for 18 years, a master instructor for ten. I’ve purchased a lot of yoga mats over the years because it’s been hard to find one that meets all my needs. AshtaLuxe has created the ideal mat for my practice. It’s thick enough for my knees and it grips any surface, including my slippery hardwood floor, without sliding. I’m happy to have a mat I can recommend to my students with confidence. I look forward to eventually making them available for sale at my yoga retreats.

Heather, California

Amazing grip. I stuck to it like glue which was awesome. It is nice and soft and so was the patella cushion. I usually use much harder mats, so this was a delightful surprise. 

Christie, California:

I truly enjoy the grip and firmness of this mat. There was no sliding whatsoever during my yoga practice, which I appreciated. It's very durable, and thick, not flimsy at all. It seems as though it will really hold up well with time. I like that it seems to be longer than most mats.

Sara, Minneapolis:

“I used the mat in class today. Oh my goodness it’s wonderful!!! I loved it. Maybe my favorite mat ever. So grippy and the extra size was perfect even though I’m a small person. 

Betsy, Colorado:

I loved the mat! I love the cush and the fact that it is non-slip. 

Thanks again! I will be using it daily!”

“One more thing- I really like the length of the mat!”

Tony, Seattle:

Thank you for the mat. It is awesome!!! I usually would use my mat for exercise as well as stretching/yoga but the one I used tended to slip. The grip on yours is dope. It stayed put through all the exercises and stretching. I used the patella pad as a cushion for my knees during donkey kicks and fire hydrants and used it under my gluteal muscles while doing leg raises. I would usually have some knee and spine discomfort but not after using the pad. It’s literally so helpful. When comparing it to my other mat I have no complaints. You have made a quality product that is well worth buying.” 

Sylvia, Indiana:

“O !!!! M !!!! G !!!! This yoga mat is AMAAAAAZING !!!!!!! I LOVE it!”

Mariah, California:

I enjoy practicing on the AshtaLuxe mat. In a heated practice, I find that the sweat drips onto the mat and sits on top of it. I like that, because I know it’s not going to soak into the mat and breed bacteria. It does require a yoga towel, which is pretty standard. I love that the mat grips to the floor really well and I don’t slide around at all. 

The patella pad is amazing! We have a few students with knee issues, and we just moved into a new location with a hard floor. The students with knee injuries have loved using the patella pad. I would highly recommend this product and would love to stock it in our boutique. 

Helene , Florida

Loving the mat! 

Susan, Las Vegas

I love the mat! The material is wonderful and I like the pattern. My students approved as well.

Mara, Indiana

Thank you so much for my yoga mat! I got it last night and used it this morning! So squishy, without being slippery. Loved it!! And the color was gorgeous! 

Steve, Maryland:

The mat and pad are each wonderful. I love the mat as it’s grippie and comfortable. The mat has been used as my daily studio mat and I love it.

Catherine, Boston:

I received an AshtaLuxe mat a few weeks ago and I have LOVED it!  The grip is fantastic and I love the cushion it provides.  I feel like I have the support especially for my wrists when I spend a significant amount of time in down dog.